How we enhance your investments


Terra Nex Group offers its services to ultra high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors and families in the MENA region and in Europe. The focus is the profitable field of renewable energy as well as infrastructure, green building, healthcare and other market segments with a high future potential.

Throughout its history, Terra Nex Group has established excellent relationships with its investors. The majority of Terra Nex Group clients having invested over a decade in Terra Nex Group investments and rely on the competence.

Identifying and developing profitable projects backed up by strong networking with local governments and project partners are the unique features of Terra Nex Group. We develop an optimized financing structure for projects. The highly sophisticated project management controls and guides the investment during the development, construction and operating phase. We offer full transparency to its customers. Investors always know where they are with their investment.

Project Partners

At project start Terra Nex Group creates a team of proven, international experts with a long experience to ensure reliable and high quality for the projects. With most of its project partners Terra Nex Group is cooperating for many years.