The power of Terra Nex Group

Terra Nex Group has a strong footprint in the MENA region, a long history, a deep industry expertise and an excellent track record to provide unique resources that it leverages at any time.

The benefits of Terra Nex Group ...

  • has been running local offices in different cities of the MENA region for many years
  • has created an excellent network to local government officials and decision makers
  • has access to powerful political and economical advisors
  • has a privileged access to the market and to projects due to the excellent network and long-term presence in the MENA region
  • has a strong, experienced and competent team
  • offers highly sophisticated financial engineering and structuring expertise for solar energy projects
  • is the market leader for developing PV-projects in the MENA region
  • offers a successful track record for many years
  • has established highly qualified contacts to European ultra high-net-worth individuals
  • pursues an integrated investment approach with high corporate social responsibility