What is important for us

1. Responsible Investing

We are committed to investing in socially beneficial ventures that not only meets the needs of the investors but also generates value and improves the lives for the people. By using the power of the world’s largest energy source, the sun, to develop solar projects in the MENA region, Terra Nex Group creates unique and sustainable investment opportunities.

Our integrated approach helps the MENA governments produce clean energy by setting up a local solar energy competency.

Project brings substantial benefits for the people

Building a solid manufacturing capacity

Terra Nex Group will invest in facilities to produce PV modules and inverters to be used by the Project’s own solar power plants and for MENA-wide export

Empowering local people with international caliber technical skills and know-how

The Human Capital Development Program includes knowledge transfer initiatives through education, qualification and training programs for local people thereby making them skilled and employable in the fast-moving solar energy industry

Fostering business innovation and supporting the local economy

The SMEs Entrepreneurship Fund will support the existing SMEs sector and encourage upcoming entrepreneurs in the country in the fields related to PV technology by providing interest-free loans

Clean efficient power for the country

PV Power Plants capacity will be setup in the country to supply power to various cities and harvest the highest possible irradiation


2. Superior quality of our investments

We deliver best in class services to our investors and project partners. Therefore we offer only elaborated investment opportunities and assess an objective analysis of investment projects with a full evaluation of risk and return – to ensure a long-term relationship with our investors and partners.