Company Profile

The Terra Nex Group (TN) and its Senior Partners have been acting as an International Wealth Management and Project Development Company since the beginning of the 1990s. TN is well established as a Family Office for high ranking members of the royal families in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. TN acts as a consultant to governments, institutions, family offices and ultra high net worth individuals in the field of private equity investments focusing on the sectors infrastructure, green building, renewable energy, healthcare and other market segments with a high future potential.

Terra Nex Group develops exclusive direct investments in the Middle East – predominantly in the GCC – for its German, European and Middle East Investors. TN  advises and manages various international investment funds, such as a Renewable Energy Fund and the Fund Family "Middle East Best Select" German-based public and private placements.

Middle East Best Select GmbH is the exclusive representative of the Terra Nex Group in the German market.

The Terra Nex Group also acts as project and business developer in the MENA-region and in Europe, maintaining solid partnerships with institutional investors and industries in various sectors.

The Terra Nex Group provides project management services to European institutional investors and Group of Industries by developing and financing renewable energy projects in the Middle East.